Australia Day 2012 Aneka 5/6D

  • The famous quote by Mr Abbot

    The famous quote by Mr Abbot
    Aborginals protested when Tony Abott said "it's time to move on" which the aborginals took the wrong way.
  • The restaurant protest

    The restaurant protest
    At the Lobby Restaurant where Julia Gillard and Tony were presenting the National Emergency Medals,over 200 aboriginals protesters were outside the resturant baging on the windows and trying to get in.
  • The rush to get away

    The rush to get away
    Julia Gillard's fedreal police escort, decided to get Julia Gillard away from the protest.
  • The resturant flee

    The resturant flee
    Julia Gillard finally got out of the restaurant and got dragged to her car by the police. As you can see in the picture she is very scared.
  • The fight for protest

    The fight for protest
    50 police and the aborginals violently fought, aborginals trying to get to Julia Gillard's car. In protest the aborginials threw stuff at Julia Gillards car!
  • The shoe tropohy

    The shoe tropohy
    Julia Gillard lost her shoe and the aborginalsheld it up as a tropohy