Australia and the Vietnam War

  • Deployment of 30 Military Advisors

    Minister of Defences annouces the deployment of 30 armed advisors to South Vietnam.
  • First Advisors arrive

    Armed Advisors arrive in South Vietnam.
  • First Australian Death in Vietnam War

    Seargent William Hacking becomes the first Australian to die in Vietnam after his weapon became caught in vegetation causing it to discharge.
  • Additional Advisors sent to Vietnam

    Additional 83 Australian Military Advisors are sent to Vietnam.
  • First Australian death as a result of enemy action

    Warrant Officer Class 2, Kevin Conway becomes first Australian to die in South Vietnam as a result of enemy action.
  • Australian Government sends 200 more advisors to South Vietnam

    Australian Government responds to request from the US President and South VietnamPrime Minister for 200 additional advisors.
  • Australian Government approves increase of Australian Forces

    Australian Government apprives the increase of Australian forces to a battalion, supported by artillery, additional APCs, engineers, army helicopters, light aircraft and more logistic support.
  • 65 Australian arrest against the war in Sydney

    A demonstration against the Vietnam warin Sydney results in 65 arrests.
  • Harold Holt becomes Prime Minister

    Harold Holt exceeds Menzies as Prime Minister.
  • Holt announces 4350-man task force, and conscripts

    Holt annouces the Australian Commitment in South Vietnam will be increased to a 4350-man task force, and will include conscripts.
  • Harold Holt goes missing

    Prime Minister Harold Holt goes missing, presumed drowned off Portsea in Victoria. His body was never recovered.
  • John Grey Gorton becomes Prime Minister

    John Grey Gorton becomes Prime minister after Harold Holt goes missing.
  • Battle of Coral & Balmoral

    The Battle for Fire Support Base (FSB). Secind attack on 15 May results in 15 Australian casualties, 56 wounded.
  • The Battle of Binh Bah

    Results in destruction of town and more than 100 dead NVA (Nationale Volksarmee) for the death of one Australian Soldier.
  • Sir William McMahon replaces Gorton as Liberal leader and Prime Minister.

    Willam McMahon becomes Prime MInister.
  • Australia Leaves the war

    Australia completely withdraws from the war on ANZAC day.