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Austraila History Timeline

By kweezy
  • Dutch

    1606- The Dutch came to Austraila, but the Aborigines quickly.
  • British

    Captain James Cook sailed around Austraila, and named the area New South Wales.
  • Penal Colony

    Penal Colony
    The American Revolution ceased Great Britain from using Georgia as a penal colony, so they came up with the idea of using Austraila.
  • Convicts

    British convicts left on a boat to go to Austraila, the new penal colony.
  • Austraila's Settlement

    Austraila's Settlement
    New South Wales became an official penal colony, consisting of convicts, marines, and their families.
  • Immigration

    Transportation of prisoners stopped when loads of immigraters came.
  • Commonwealth

    The Commonwealth of Austraila was established.
  • Immigration Restriction

    In 1901, there was a restricton that immigraters must be of European descent.
  • Canberra

    The capital changed from Melborne to Canberra.
  • Austraila Act

    Austraila Act
    In 1986, the Austraila Act released its legal ties from the British Empire