Austin Dunnigan 8TH Period

  • I was born on this day

  • Period: to

    Austin Dunnigan

  • Grampa died from troubles breathing

    My grampa died with problems with his heart plus he had alot of troubles with his breathing
  • Mckeel for the first time

    I went to mckeel for the first time in 2nd grade
  • Stiches in head for third time

    For the third time i had gotten stiches in my head while i was playing with my dogs they pushed my into a chair.
  • Staples in head for third time

    I had staples in my head while i was doing pull ups in the shower on the towel rack.
  • Dog died from a bloated stumach

    While on vacation my dog was with us and had a bloated stumach
  • Dog died(Thor)

    He was a new puppy we had and he had problems with his heart.
  • Broke finger

    Was playing football in pe and my finger some how gotten stuck in someones belt while they were running
  • Grandma died in chicago

    While my grandma was in the hospital in chicago she died