Audio Players

Timeline created by Egoodale
In Music
  • The music box

    The music box was made.
  • Phonautograph

    Made by Edward Leon-Scott de Martinville.
  • Piano Player

    The piano player was made, quickly wiping out the music boxes popularity.
  • the Jukebox

    the Jukebox
    The jukebox was introduced.
  • The first radio station.

    The first radio station, KDKA, was aired over the world.
  • Eight track Player

    the eight track player was invented.
  • The cassette tape

    The cassette tape was introduced.
  • The Walkman

    The Walkman was invented
  • The CD

    The CD was made.
  • The MP3 player.

    The MP3 player.
    The MP3 player was invented, changing the music world forever.