Audio Players

By tylevy
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    Audio Recorders

  • walkie recorder

    walkie recorder
    What was unique about the device is that it was one of the first portable battery powered device for making field recordings.
  • Stereo 4 Track Cartridge

    Stereo 4 Track Cartridge
    It recored and played up to 3.75. It was devloped by George Eash. It was not an eight track system it was an 4 track only system.
  • Track recording

    Track recording
    It was reel reel type of recoding device that had a little bit more clearity than other device around that had an uquie feature fast forward and rewind.
  • 8 Track Cartridge - Stereo-8

    8 Track Cartridge  - Stereo-8
    It could play 8 track of the tape. It was superior in the 1960s it had alot of advanges and some disadvanges. It had good audio and could play up to 8 tracks . It was built in audio player so it was kind mobile.
  • Sonifex Discart Machine

    Sonifex Discart Machine
    It had a good audio but only could play 37 seconds of a cd disk.But could take up 3 disk at a time so it had some advantages and some disadvanges.
  • Sony PCM-F10

    Sony PCM-F10
    It became the first affordable digital stereo recorder. It had 2 channels and a good stereo frequency. It gave sony jump strat in the business. Not as much disadvanges around the time.
  • CD

    The sony and philips prices was low on them so it became a monoply for any business who owned them. It was world wide it became involed in almost ever business. It was mainly involed in the music business.
  • mini disk

    mini disk
    Up to 74 minutes of high quality CD audio can be recorded in standard play mode. Newer models offer twice that capability, plus the capability to record and play MP3.