Audio Players

By BenLuke
  • First voice recording

    First human voice recording and playback made by Thomas Edison.
  • Gramophone

    It play a recerd.Also it can record voices and play them back.
  • Audograph

    This lead to a the record player
  • Tascam 34

    They dont know the exact date
  • Elcaset

    I played any sond that was on the cassete .Doesn't have an exact date.
  • CD

    Thiner than a cassete but it was more exspenisve.Doesnt have an exact date.
  • Mp3

    They held more songs than a cd and a cessete.Doesn't have an exact date.
  • VersaCorder

    It can record up to 8 hours but you have to flip the tape when it has recoreded 4 hours.Doesn't have an exact date.