Audio Players

  • Period: to

    Digital Audio Players and recorders

  • Edison records and plays back sounds

    This was one of the first or even THE first device to record the human voice
  • Period: to

    Thomas Edison builds the dictaphone

    Also made by edison this device was one of the most popular of the time
  • Emile Berliner Created the Gramophone

    The First usage of records
  • In 1958 RCA created the Audio Tape

    first attempt to make music more portable.
  • Compact tapes were invented

    Chromium Dioxide (CrO2) and other metals were used to improve the sound quality of the music player the tape was in by improve the tape.
  • The The Compact Disk (CD) was invented by companies Sony And Phillips

    Used for more than music. The Cd is still one of the main devices we use today. Only thing to pass is digital
  • Mp3 music format was created

    The first major Computer Music File .mp3 format was created for the digital age to begin.
  • Versa Recorder

    One of the first tape players to let people easily rewind and fast-forward tapes
  • The Ipod 1st generation is realeased by apple

    One of the most portable music players up to date. Replaced alot of the bulky CD players
  • Apples Iphone first generation was release

    Phone with a ipod built in made the market skyrocket in digital music sales