Aubree Bourgeous

  • Born

    I was born on March 3rd, 1943, in Delmar, IA. I was born at home, not in a hospital.
  • Period: to

    Life of Dorothy Boysen

  • Cold War begins

  • U.S. uses first atomic bomb in war

  • Korean War begins

  • Korean War ends

  • Oldest brother John leaves home to join the Navy

    My oldest brother John left to go join the Navy when I was only eleven.
  • My family got a TV for our house

  • Older brother Carlos left home to join the Army

    My older brother Carlos left to join the Army when I was thirteen. When he left, I was the only child still at home.
  • "Sputnik" launched into orbit

  • Elected Homecoming Queen

  • Began working as a telephone operator

  • President Kennedy is assassinated

  • My father Martin Boysen dies

  • Got married to Bill Robinson

    In 1965 I got married to Bill Robinson, and we moved to Aurora, Illinois. That was my first time living outside of Delmar.
  • Moved to Iowa City

    In 1968 Bill and I moved to Iowa city and I worked as a telephone operator again. We bought our first house there.
  • First man on the Moon

  • First daughter Kathy born

  • Husband bought a dog

    Five days after we had our first child, my husband Bill decided to buy a puppy, as if taking care of a new baby wasn't hard enough on its own. And then, because a baby and a puppy obviously weren't hard enough for me, Bill decided to go to Florida for a week to golf, leaving me to care for both Kathy and the puppy by myself.
  • Second daughter Lisa born

  • Late snowstorm

    In April of 1973, a very bad snowstorm hit in the spring. We got about 15 inches, and it took the whole town by surprise.
  • Third daughter Jenny born

  • Moved to a different house in Iowa City

  • Fourth daughter Shelley born

  • Moved to yet another different house in Iowa City, which is now my present house

  • Space shuttle "Challenger" explodes

  • My mother moves in with my family

  • My mother Irene Boysen dies

  • Flood of '93

  • First grandson Brody born to daughter Kathy

  • First granddaughter Aubree born to Lisa

  • Second grandson Cullen born to Kathy

  • Second granddaughter Meredith born to Lisa

  • Third granddaughter Molly born to Lisa

  • Third grandson Elliott born to Lisa

  • Fourth grandson Ethan born to Jenny

  • St. Patrick's Church in Iowa City is destroyed by a tornado

    The Catholic church that I went to, St. Patrick's, was hit by a tornado and destroyed. I was in that church just 15 minutes before the tornado hit, and I am very lucky that I made it out before the storm came.
  • Fourth granddaughter Avery born to Jenny

  • Fifth grandson Liam born to Shelley

  • Fifth granddaughter Lily born to Shelley