Attribute Development- ICT

By MsLalor
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    Attribute Development- Professional Practice: Using ICT in the Classroom

    VIT STANDARD: 6- Professional PracticeGraduating teachers use a range of teaching practices and resources to engage students in effective learningSPECIFIC ATTRIBUTE: Access and use a range of teaching and learning resources and technologies to support student learning.
  • 1- Evidence of Enrolment

    1- Evidence of Enrolment
    Enrolling in this unit is not only evidence of my enacting the development plan for this attribute, but also of my development of professional knowledge and practice; by gaining greater technological knowledge, I am better able to incorporate ICT effectively into my teaching.
  • 2- Photos from Lessons

    2- Photos from Lessons
    The photographs left, illustrate delivery of the previously mentioned lesson plan.
  • 3- Lesson Plan

    3- Lesson Plan
    I included in my lesson plan, modelling of the assessment task for students, as many of them may not have used the Web 2.0 tool GlogsterEdu before. I designed this lesson around the assessment task to ensure the students completed the written task in class, thereby leaving the digital component of the task to be completed at home.
  • 4- Observation Notes

    4- Observation Notes
    I observed one lesson during my rounds of a teacher using ICT. She showed the students a YouTube video to demonstrate the content of the lesson and then asked students to collect, in groups, the school laptops. I noted the classroom management techniques she employed to facilitate effective use of the laptops and the students’ engagement in the task. I spoke to her about my ideas about the unit of work and how I could include multimodal texts and ICT. She encouraged my ideas and gave my the my
  • 4- e-Learning Coordinatior Meeting

    4- e-Learning Coordinatior Meeting
    I had a meeting while on rounds with the school’s eLearning co-ordinator to discuss ICT in teaching practices and my own knowledge, skills and use of ICT. We discussed learning platforms, smartboards, the Ultranet and new intranet being introduced by the Catholic Education Office. I showed him my assessment task and showed him GlogsterEdu as he had not come across it before. We talked about the differences and similarities between Moodle and Edmodo and D2L and how I can make use of platforms.
  • 2- Lesson Plans

    2- Lesson Plans
    I included in my lesson plans, ICT resources to support student learning, such as a YouTube video compilation about The Big Bang Theory to demonstrate a complex concept of Asperger’s Syndrome to students. The lessons were quite successful and the Learning Area Leader for English asked me to share this resource with him so that he too could include it as a learning activity. Evidence of this is pictured left.
  • 3- Assessment Task and Rubric

    3- Assessment Task and Rubric
    As outlined in my development plan, I created an assessment task for students that incorporated digital technology. This was a successful use of ICT as it adhered to the VCE Study Design for English, was culturally relevant to the students and them to employ multiple literacy skills. Further information regarding the evaluation of this assessment is available in the Assessment and Reporting section of this site.
  • 3- Examples of Student Work

    3- Examples of Student Work
    The following are screen shots of students’ work for this assessment task.
  • 3- ICT Resource

    3- ICT Resource
    This is the digital resource I created for this lesson. It is an example of the kind of assessment piece I asked the students to produce. To see the live version, click here:
  • 1- Assessment Blog

    1- Assessment Blog
    Using Technology in the Classroom Blog
    My assessment Blog is available for public viewing at Edublogs. It focuses upon my emerging philosophy of teaching and in particular, the use of technology in teaching practice. It is evidence of my learning about technology and implementation of technological resources in practice.
  • 2- Supervisor Feedback

    2- Supervisor Feedback
    I received positive feedback from my supervisor in regards to my use of digital resources in my lessons, verbally and as recorded in my placement report. The Learning Area Leader for English also attended one of my lessons at the request of my supervisor, specifically to observe my use of ICT in practice.
  • 5- Teaching Round Evaluation

    5- Teaching Round Evaluation
    I created a Google Survey based on Principles of Learning and Teaching whereby, the students could evaluate my teaching practice. This demonstrates growing skill and use in ICT and developed reflective practice.To access the live form, click here
  • 5- Student Feedback

    5- Student Feedback
    The student feedback I received from this evaluation form in relation to my use of ICT was positive, and many of the students commented verbally on their enjoyment of the different resources I incorporated into learning activities. I intend to make further use of this form in future teaching to inform my practice and development.
  • 5- Professional Development

    5- Professional Development
    Pictured is my attendance certificate from the Hawker Brownlow Conference, which added to my repertoire of knowledge and helped me to make links between theoretical and practical expertise. The session attended was Robin Fogarty's 21st Century Skills- Challenges for Schools Addressing 21st Century Concerns
  • 1- Academic Results

    1- Academic Results
    As my results show, I was highly succssful in achieving my goal in improving my skills and knowledge in this area.