ATA timeline

  • ATA-1

    When IBM unveiled the 80286-powered IBM PC AT in the early 1980s, it introduced the first PC to include BIOS support for hard drives.
  • ATA-2

    The industry adopted a series of improvements to the ATA standard called ATA-2
  • ATA-3

    Security, 44 pin connector for 2.5" drives
  • ATA-4

    AT Attachment Packet Interface, Optional overlapped and queued command set features, Host Protected Area (HPA), CompactFlash Association (CFA) feature set for solid state drives.
  • ATA-5

    80-wire cables; CompactFlash connector
  • ATA-6

    48-bit LBA
  • ATA-7

    Streaming feature set, long logical/physical sector feature set for non-packet devices