art movement

By Ericah
  • Rococo southwark fair

    Rococo southwark fair
    At the fair it looked like they were about to fight some people are fighting and some are trying to get out of there while it looked like some was enjoying it
  • Folk art

    Folk art
    A bunch of animals on a farm bunched together away from the house some of the other animals the leaves are gone from the tree while if kinda look like a small town
  • Impressionism

    There people having a good time there are some dancing there are some sitting but they all h black eyeballs and most the men have on hats
  • Impressionism little girl in blue chair

    Impressionism little girl in blue chair
    There blue couches and a dog that sleep on one with a little girl who looks tired but admiring her dog sleeps she looks comfortable and so does the dog
  • Rococo

    A lady with all three of her children while she hold one with one on her side while the other one touches plays with something while she look straight it looks like a portrait was being taking or paint of them
  • Fauvism resnik

    Fauvism resnik
    A path with a lot of beautiful colors trees with a pond so much more painted
  • Fauvism

    Woman sitting in her room wondering and just thinking about things with her hand on her chin with her legs crossed the back ground has a lot of interesting colors
  • Cubism

    In this picture the man looks sad but his body and face makes it stand out more because it’s in shape form
  • Cubism the arrival

    Cubism the arrival
    In the picture it has different colors it’s like everything is turned upside down there also people inside the picture this was a picture that was taken of people actually moments
  • Modernism-figures a Beira-mar

    Modernism-figures a Beira-mar
    Two people on a ocean sitting in the sand sitting like they talking to each other just watching the sun go down.
  • Surrealism

    This painting represents Frida Kahlo she was in a accident and this set piece shows how after it affected her how it represent surrealism
  • The disturbing muses

    The disturbing muses
    In this picture I get out of it the artist didn’t really like being disturbed or wanted to be alone so he created and amazing art pieces showing some statues sectioned
  • Modernism

    Artistic stratgies that has essentially connections of the modernist
  • Pop art

    Pop art
    In the picture it look like a explosion happened and a lot of chemicals mixed and got in the air and it made loud noises
  • Street art

    Street art
    Two kids playing with a game on the side of the wall it look like the was drawn with pencil the kids look happy both of them have they hands out to catch the game
  • Plum brandy

    Plum brandy
    A man sitting a a table with his hand on his face with a drink to me this represents him thinking about real life modern situations that he was dealing with at that moment
  • Pop art the blueprint drawings

    Pop art the blueprint drawings
    This picture shows a human falling down the stairs with something in there hand fast and they hit they hard on the stairs
  • Pop art mural by banksy

    Pop art mural by banksy
    There a bear with a bomb throwing it at police that have shield and it say the mild wild Wild Wild West meaning it might the west side of a city
  • Land art

    Land art
    In this picture there’s houses on hills with a body of water with a path of bunch of people walking across it look like to get home or the other side of town the water look good the setting of the background looks great
  • Land art

    Land art
    A beautiful picture of nature health grass beautiful hills a few homes you could see the other side of the city and where people home are over a big land of water