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  • Arrival

    Lincoln,Tim, Greg, Geoff & Andy flew from Sydney to Hong Kong, from Hongkong they travelled to Beijing by train, then by plane to Chengdo, and finally to Tibet by plane.
  • Base Camp

    Base Camp
    Lincoln and his team set up Base Camp in preparation for the ten-week expedition
  • Advance Base Camp (ABC)

    Advance Base Camp (ABC)
    Advance Base Camp (Also known as ABC) is ten kilometres up the Central Rongbuk Glacier where they were heading.
  • Continuing the journey

    Continuing the journey
    The teams are still on their journey up the glacier
  • Tim, Greg, Andy & Lincoln

    Tim, Greg, Andy & Lincoln
    Tim and Greg were the first Australians to reach the summit. Andy and Lincoln were forced to turn back.
  • Leaving Base Camp

    Leaving Base Camp
    Lincoln & his team drove away from Base Camp two days later.