Armed Peace 1871-1914

  • II Reich

    II Reich
    Wilhelm II is crowned emperor of the second German Reich after the Frano-Prussian war.
    Bismark is named Chacellor.
  • Leage of the three emperors

    Leage of the three emperors
    The Leage of the three emperors is made.
    Zar Alexander II from Russia, Wilhelm I of Germany and Franz Joseph from Austria made an alliance with the objective of isolating France.
  • Russian-Ottoman war

    Russian victory implied some map changes: Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro and Romania are now independent.
  • Russian break up

    Russia breaks relationships with the germans and the Austrians.
  • Double Alliance

    Germany and the Austrio-Hungarian Empire form the “Double alliance” and commit to support each other in case of a war.
  • Triple Alliance

    Italy joins the “double alliance” making it known as the “triple alliance”.
  • Mediterranean agreements

    Britain and Italy sign an agreement that secures british control of the suez canale. Spain and the Astro-Hungarian empire join as weel.
  • New Kaiser

    New Kaiser
    Wilhelm II will be the new Kaiser and will dismiss Bismark in an attempt to improve the relations with the British
  • Franco Russian Entente

    In wich both countries compromise to support each other in case of war against any member of the "Triple Alliance"
  • Anglo-japanese alliance

    Anglo-japanese alliance
    The British empire breaks its isolation for the first time by stablishing the Anglo-japanese alliance.
    Both taking a compromise to remain neutral in case of war against a third part and not to declare war whithout consulting it first with each other.
  • Entente Cordiale

    Entente Cordiale
    After years of colonial disagreements France and Britain signed an alliance with this political and military agreement. It will be the precedent to their siding in WWI
  • 1st Moroccan Crisis

    This crisis ended with the Algeciras conferece, as a result, France and Spain will control the area but wont be able to establish any protectorades.
  • Triple Entente

    Triple Entente
    Russia joins the Entente Cordiale.
    Germany grows more and more isolated.
  • Asustria takes over Bosnia

    The Austro-Hungarian Empire takes control over Bosnia against Russia, Serbia and Montenegro's will.
  • 2nd Moroccan crisis

    2nd Moroccan crisis
    The incident of Agadir.
    Germany and France start a dispute over the Moroccan territory, the British support towards France will be determining.
  • Tripolitanian War

    Italy declares war against the Ottoman Empire in order to gain control over Libia.
    It will end with the Peace of Ouchy and Italy will be victorious.
  • 1st Balkan War

    Balkan wars: the Balkan league including Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro attack the weakened Ottoman Empire.
  • Treaty of Constantinopla

    The Ottoman Empire and the Serbians agreed to help the central powers (Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire) in case of war.
  • 2nd Balcan War

    Balkan wars: the Balkan league including Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro attack the weakened Ottoman Empire.
  • Death of the archduke

    Death of the archduke
    Archduke Franz Ferdinand is murdered in Sarajevo.
  • The Great War

    The Great War
    Austria declares war on Serbia.