Arch106 Group #2 Timeline

  • Zheng Zhenxiang receives PHD

    Zheng Zhenxiang receives PHD
    1. First female archeologist of New China.
    2. Her discovery of Lady Fu Hao’s tomb enabled archeologists to learn more about this important general and the Shang Dynasty of China.
    3. Her tremendous discovers expanded the popularity of archeology in China, specifically the Yin Ruins (Chinese Academy of Science was the first school specifically devoted to archeological research and helped resume excavation of the Yin Ruins after Zheng’s discoveries).
  • Kent Vaughn Flannery receives PHD

    Kent Vaughn Flannery receives PHD
    -Sociopolitical evolution
    -Evolution from hunter-gathering to agriculture and domestication of animals
    -Tribal societies transition from egalitarian hierarchy to hereditary hierarchy
    -Rise of kingdoms in Mexico and Peru
    -Directed University of Michigan “Prehistory and Human Ecology of the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico” (1966 to 1980)
    -1978: Elected to National Academy of Sciences
    -1996: Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
    -2005: Elected to the American Philosophical Society
  • Anna Prentiss received PHD

    Anna Prentiss received PHD
    Specialty in lithic technology, (techniques used to create tools from stone), hunter-gatherers, village societies, ancient technology, evolutionary theory, and the method and theory of archaeology. Research pertains to “village establishment and growth, demographic history, subsistence change, socio-political evolution, technological history, and Colonial entanglements.” Working with the Indigenous peoples at Bridge River as part of the areological team and research to help solve these issues
  • Chap Kusimba receives PHD

    Chap Kusimba receives PHD
    History of Extractive Technologies in Africa; Preindustrial African Chiefdoms and States; Archaeology of Islam and Urbanization in Africa; Archaeology and Ethnology of Slavery in Africa; African Diasporas.
    President, Society of Africanist Archaeologists from 2010-2012. Member, African Studies Association (ASA); American Anthropological Association (AAA); Association of Africanist Anthropologists; AFAA; Council of Museum Anthropology CMA