arcade game

By bchan16
  • galexy game

    galexy game
    the first game to use coins
    was realeased at stanford university
  • computer space

    computer space
    this is the first machine to be solde by commercicals
    made by Nutting acociates
  • pong

    pong was realesed by atari
    first succesful video game and sport games
  • astro race

    astro race
    game realesed by taito
    racing type had a first 4 way joint stick
  • interceptor

    was the first engineered fps arcade game
    using a 8 way jointstick it had enymy sprites and crosshairs
  • Sega Motocross

    Sega Motocross
    this is a sega motocross which is the first engineered pseudo 3D racing side scroller controlled with your body

    breakout is a game where it was one way pong
    and inspired many MANY imitations
  • space invaders

    space invaders
    this is a simple game of move an shoot it was made by taito
  • astroids

    this game was a very simple game of shoot the rocks but it had a fully opererational way jointstick and two buttons
    best seller in amereica
  • Galexian

    Galexian was a popular game with shooting
    which reinvented shooting
  • pacman

    pac man is a game where it introduced maze games and female gamers, power ups and cutscenes apparently
  • donkey kong

    donkey kong
    Donkeykong had invened the first game to introduce both mario or jumpman and platforming
    made by nintendo