Apple Ipod history timline

By HKG1203
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    Ipod history timeline

  • first ipod ever

    The first ipod ever was the ipod classic. It was very simple comparison to nowaday ipods but was very technologicly advanced comparison to its rivals. It was very big and bulky though wich ment it was quite hard to carry round. It had a much bigger memory than its rivals which ment it could carry more songs.
  • second ipod

    The second ipod ever was very similar to the first one but it had a bigger capacity and was less bulky to carry.
  • third ipod

    The third ipod was thinner but a bit wider and could carry a lot more songs.
  • first ipod shuffle

    The first ipod shuffle was very big considering it had no screen unlike other ipods. The shuffle was deigned so that it would be easyer to run with. But it could hold less songs and was a lot cheaper.
  • first ipod nano

    The first ipod nano was designed so that it would be inbetween the ipod shuffle and the ipod classic. It coul hold more memory than a shuffle but less then a classic. It was also cheaper than the classic but more than a shuffle. But it had a screen and it was smaller than a classic so it was much more usefull.
  • second ipod shuffle

    The second ipod shuffle was a lot smaller than the first one so was much easyer to run with.
  • first ever iphone

    The first ever iphone was a MASSIVE step up in the phone industry. it was a youch screen and had a new invention, The app store. The app store had lots of apps on it like games and educational things. It also had music on it like other ipods.
  • first ipod touch

    The irst ipod youch was pretty much an iphone with no phone! It had the app store aswell and had a big music capacity.
  • second iphone

    The second iphone had a camera and was therefore a little bit thiker but had more capacity for music and apps.
  • 3rd iphone

    The third iphone had a camera and was thinner then the ones before it but still had more memory
  • iphone 4

    The iphone 4 is the most modern iphone. It has the most memory still has the best camera and longest bettery life of any iphone. It also had a knew design which lots og people liked more than the old one. It was also the thinnest of the iphones.