AP US History Summer Assignment

  • Andrew Jackson is born

    Andrew Jackson is born to Andrew and Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, but is raised by his mother because his father died three weeks before his birth.
  • Revolutionary War Begins

    The Revolutionary War begins. Andrew Jackson eventually serves in the war.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson purchases a large amount of land from France, known as the Louisiana Purchase.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark explore the lands gained by the Louisiana Purchase.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812 begins. Andrew Jackson leads troops into battle.
  • Photograph

    The first photograph is taken. It took 8 hours to take the picture, which is why people are not commonly shown smiling in early photographs.
  • First Locomotive/Steam Engine is designed

    The first steam engine is designed, leading to railroads to built all through America.
  • Industrial Revolution

    America's Industrial Revolution begins.
  • Missouri Becomes a State

    Missouri is officially a state.
  • Erie Canal is Completed

    The Erie Canal is finished on this date.
  • Andrew Jackson becomes President

    Andrew Jackson is elected as president.
  • Indian Removal Act is Signed

    Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act, displacing the majority of the Native Americans living in the southeast.
  • Trail of Tears

    The westward movement of Native Americans begins, also known as Trail of Tears. Thousands died on their way to their new settlements. The Trail of Tears was caused by Jackson's Indian Removal Act, passed a few years prior.
  • Jackson is reelected as President

    Andrew Jackson is elected to second term as president.
  • Economic Panic

    There was an economic panic followed by 5 years of a depression partially caused by what Jackson did during his presidency.
  • Oregon Trail Opens

    The Oregon Trail is formed, allowing settlers to move west.
  • Andrew Jackson dies

    Andrew Jackson dies from chronic illnesses and heart failure.