AP US History - Detailed

By ggghhh
  • Jan 1, 1558

    Elizabeth I Becomes the queen of ENgland

    Don' Know real date - Year correct
  • Jan 1, 1565

    English Crush Irish uprising

    Only year correct
  • Jan 1, 1577

    Drake Circumnavigates the globbe

    Year Only correct
  • England defeats Spanish America

  • James I becomes king og England

  • Spain and England sign a Peace Treaty

  • Virginia Colony founded at Jamestown

  • Rolfe Perfects Tobacco culture in Virginia

  • First Anglo-Powhatan War Ends

  • First Africans Arrive in Jamestown Virginia House of Burgesses Extablished

  • Virginia Becomes the Royal Colony

  • Maryland Colony Founded

  • *Large scale slave labor system established in English West Indies*

  • Second Anglo-Powhatan Wat

  • Act of Toleration in Maryland Charles I Beheaded: Cromwell Rules England

  • Charles II Restored to English Throne

  • Barbados Slave Code adopted

  • Carolina Colony created

  • *Tuscarora War in North Carolina

    1711- 1713
  • North Carolina Officially seperates from South Carolina

  • * Yamasee war in South Carolina

  • Georgia Colony Founded