A.P. U.S. History Chapters 1-5

  • Sep 30, 1492

    Columbus Arrives at Caribbean

    Columbus finds what will later become known as the New World while trying to find a new route to the Indies.
  • Sep 30, 1500


    The high point of the revival of artisitic and intellectual interest in Europe.
  • Sep 30, 1517

    Protestant Reformation

    A revolt against the Catholic Church led by Martin Luther.
  • Sep 30, 1519

    Hernan Cortes Lands in Mexico

    The beginning of the Spanish invasions of Central American and the New World.
  • Sep 30, 1550

    Tobacco Introduction

    Tobacco is introduced to Europe, which would later prove to be a popular demand.
  • Jamestown

    English settlers establish the first permanent English settlement in America along the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Quebec

    Frecnh found Quebec. (Northern North America)
  • Santa Fe

    Spanish found Santa Fe.
  • Tobacco and the Virginia Company

    Tobacco provided the first returns on investment for the Virgina Company.
  • First African Slaves Brought to America

    The beginning of African slaves in North America.
  • The Mayflower Compact

    First document of self-government in North America.
  • The Great Migration

    Puritan emigration to North America.
  • Pequot War

    Conflict between English settlers and Pequot Indians over control of land and trade. Many natives massecred.
  • Halfway Covenant in New England

    Established in attempt to gain members of church- children could be baptized whether their baptized parents had experienced conversion or not.
  • The Glorious Revolution

    New England monarchs establish Bill of Rights.
  • Toleration Act

    King of England ordered a stop to the persecution of Catholics in Massachussetts.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    The dark side of the Puritan faith, Many women are tried and killed because they were accused to be witches.
  • Enlightenment

    Movement of rational and logical thinking instead of faith and religion.
  • Virginia Slave Codes

    Limitations for slaves established.
  • The Great Awakening

    The revival of religion after the decline due to Enlightenment,