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AP Calculus Review Rebecca Regan

By rregan
  • Integration

    In Florida...............trying to practice all the different ways of integrating.......parts, u sub, etc.
    Remember: change the bounds during u sub, arctan = (u'/(u^2+a^2))
    Definitely using that useful teal sheet from the beginning of the year!
  • Series

    Wow, I really needed to review this!!!!
    I'm re-doing all those papers we were given where there are 10 problems and you have to use 10 methods.
    <1 converges except in p series
    INTEGRAL TEST??? still need some review on that
  • Polar

    Even though we just learned this, I'm still pretty rusty. The book is very helpful in this unit, though.
    I am going to do some more practice on converting these.
    Also I need to remember the equations for limiscates vs. cardiods, etc.
  • Differentiating

    Seperate variables
    solve for y
    solve for C if a point is given Practicing complicated versions of these steps need to ask if y=vx will be on the exam
  • Remainder of Series

    Remainder of Series
    I've always had trouble with this!!!
    LaGrange is a bound not an exact error
    find maximum of next term on the bound (z)
    error: exact - estimated with series to the number of terms indicated Practice this with problems from the book!!! I also can't decide where to go to college...................
  • Practice Practice Practice!!!!

    Practice Practice Practice!!!!
    I printed out the AP Free Response from 2009 and have been completing them during my classes.
    I got a 9 on 3 of them!!!!
    I also found out I definitely need to review logistics and related rates some more... Logistics: population max (carrying capacity)
    y is proportional to y Related Rates: put in terms of the variable you are trying to find I DECIDED ON WAKE FOREST!!!!!!!!!! (less than 4 months until move-in!!!!)
  • 2 Days!!

    2 Days!!
    Last Minute Reviewing:
    going over missed questions on Practice Exam
    Still need to review remainder more
    Power series for e^x, cosx, sinx
    shell method Can't wait to see our shirts!!
  • OVER

    Not too bad!
    I definitely thought the practice tests we took were much harder. I felt like I had about 2 on each part that I didn't really feel good about....
    The free response was weird (only 2 calculator problems!)
    I mostly felt good about them. 6c was hard having to use the graph of the fifth term to approximate a value. It's done!! Only 4 more tests to go :)
    and exactly ONE MONTH UNTIL GRADUATION!!!!