AP Calc Review Journal

  • Integration

    Today in class we reviewed integration formulas. I realized I need to review my basic integration techniques and basic integration formulas so that I can have a solid grasp of integration. Some of the material started to come back to me after we started reviewing but I know I need to look at my KYSC sheet much more now.
  • Period: to

    Study for AP

  • Study Packet

    Study Packet
    Today I started the practice packet and also reviewed some of what I was rusty on from my KYSC sheet
  • Multiple Choice Practice

    Multiple Choice Practice
    Today I completed the multiple choice packet assigned to us for homework as well as review a little taylor series because during the AP practie today during class I had forgotten many details about taylor series.
  • Multiple Choice Packet #2

    Multiple Choice Packet #2
    Today I completed our second multiple chouce packet and with this and class activities I realized I have forgotten most of what I knew about differential equations. I looked at the powerpoint posted on the wiki and will go through more in depth and complete the excerices over spring break. I also think power series are starting to come back to me. I plan to study a great deal over the break, at least 1 hour a day.
  • Series

    Today in class we had a much needed (for me) review on series and their convergence and divergence. I also revied homeworks that we had on series and re-did a few of the problems. Going through the processes of the problems again is really helping me with recognizing when to use which tests.
  • Period: to

    Spring Break

  • Test Review Packet

    Test Review Packet
    Today I finished the multiple choice portion of the review packet. I also now understand the formula for the trapezoidal sum. Even though it has taken me too long to understand I think now i am able to use it if the AP were to have a question about it. I seem to be having trouble with many of the little specifc rules and although they are little they mean very much when trying to solve a problem. Some simple integration rules & some conceptual rules about the derivatives are things I will rev.
  • Blue Packet

    Blue Packet
    Today I made progress on the blue packet due at the end of the week. There are many small things I MUST review before the test and I must make sure I know them very well.
  • Taylor Series & Integration

    Taylor Series & Integration
    Today we had an integration review and some taylor series and infinite series review. I think if I review the tests and do some examples of infinite series I will be good on those. I still must review taylor series a bit. I do feel fairly confident with Integration though, and after the review today I felt pretty good about it.
  • Multiple Guess

    Multiple Guess
    After reviewing the multiple choice portions of our practice tests I would feel more comfortable with more multiple choice practice, especially in timed situations.
  • Taylor Polynomials

    Taylor Polynomials
    The review of Taylor polynomials in class today was extremely helpful and I feel pretty confident with them moving on.
  • Integration

    After reviewing integration I feel pretty solid with the revolutions :) and methods like tabular, parts, and partial fractions. My KYSC sheet is till on my fridge and I try to look at a different subject verything I open the fridge.
  • MORE Multiple Choice Practice

    MORE Multiple Choice Practice
    I completed the multiple choice packets that Mr. Hyman copied for me. I completed these with the time restictions and felt more confident about the multiple choice section after this practice.
  • General Review

    General Review
    I reviewed general formulas and differentiation/integration techniques, keeping my studying pretty light so I do not overwhelm myself. I reviewed all of the KYSC sheet and will get a lot of sleep tonight. I also reviewed HHH again.