AP Calc Review

  • AB Review

    AB Review
    I feel comfortable with most basic derivatives and applications as well as limits. The only part that was confusing to me was the mean value theorem.
  • Differential Equations Review

    Differential Equations Review
    I feel very comfortable separating the vaiables and then integrating. I understand how to derive the logistic equation from the differential equation. The only thing I am unsure of is how to identify carrying capacity and rate of growth just based off of the differential equation.
  • Summations Review

    Summations Review
    I understand the limit definition of the intrgral as well as the different tests for convergence. The only test I need to practice is the integral test.
  • Taylor Polynomials Review

    Taylor Polynomials Review
    I fully understand how to create a Taylor polynomial, and I have memorized the power series that frequently show up on the AP test. However, I still am uncomfortable with the Lagrange error bound and need to practice that a lot.
  • Integration by Parts Review

    Integration by Parts Review
    I have the formula for parts memorized and I feel that the integration techniques was my strongest part of calc BC. I need to refresh myself on the tabular method as well as solving for the unknown integral.
  • Volumes of Revolution

    Volumes of Revolution
    Today we reviewed how to find the area between two curves, and how to find the volume of a curve revolved around an axis. The three methods of how to find the volume are the shell method, the disk method, and the washer method. I was happy that I remembered how to do all of the methods, the only thing I did not remember was whether the disk or shell moethod was multiplied by pi or 2pi.
  • Calculator Multiple Choice Practice

    Calculator Multiple Choice Practice
    Today we did the calculator portion of the multiple choice section of the AP test. It was harder than I expected it to be, with more questions about taylor and power series than I was hoping for. It showed me that I need to study those in order to be successful on the test. However, the integration technique problems were very easy for me.
  • Non-calculator Multiple Choice

    Non-calculator Multiple Choice
    The non-calculator portion was much easier for me than the calculator portion. Maybe because I was exposed to the material the day before the test was easier for me, but I felt more comfortable with this section of the test. I feel comfortable with integration as well as testing for convergence, but I need more work on polar and parametric equations before the real test.
  • Game Day

    The test was great, I felt very confident and think I got a 5!