AP Calc Exam Review

  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    Today we reviewed integration techniques and many related AB topics. Overall, it was inte-great! I do still need some work with the 20 main integration formulas, but I have a set of flashcards on Quizlet already from last year, so I just need to go back and review them. Under the umbrella of integration, I am most comfortable with the rotations; perpendiscular and parashell are my two proudest moments of high school mathematics.
  • Differential Equations

    Differential Equations
    I wasn't in school today, but I'm pretty comfortable with differential equations. Slope fields are like coloring books: you just have to stay in the lines and you're good. Euler's method isn't too bad, just a bunch of plug-and-chug and hoping everything is the calculator correctly. Logistic equations are one of the few things in math that make real-life sense to me because I can connect them to population growth in AP Biology, so it's all just remembering which variables represent what.
  • Infinite Series and Sequences

    Infinite Series and Sequences
    I missed this day to make up the polar AP questions, which is unfortunate because the series unit was pretty tough for me. Looking back, however, it's just about remembering all of the tests and when they can be used and what they can be used to prove...all of which is definitely more easily said (typed?) than done. In other news, it is exactly one month until the last day of school/prom! Also I need to make a college decision by next Wednesday,,,just a little scary.
  • Polar Test

    Polar Test
    The test was pretty okay. I think that I knew most of the material on the test, but I definitely should have spent a little more time with converting polar to rectangular and vice versa.
  • Taylor Series

    Taylor Series
    Taylor Series! I remember those pretty well. It's all just a matter of finding derivatives and plugging and chugging. However, I need to study the heck out of the typical and often-used power series because we took an ungraded pop quiz and I knew very few of them. Whoops.
  • Practice Test

    Practice Test
    I was late to school so I missed the first half of the practice test. However, I have been studying at home, and today I practiced my flashcard set of the 20 main methods of integration. Hopefully I can finally get those down because I really cannot fail another one of the pop quizzes with the 20 of them. It would be embarrassing.
  • Practice Test

    Practice Test
    We finished the second part of the practice test today. Because I was out, I ended up having to do it alone, which was fine; I know there are definitely things I need to work on, and doing the test alone helped me to further isolate those topics. In other news, I committed to college today. I am officially a member of The University of Michigan Class of 2017! Go Blue!
  • Law Day and FRQ

    Law Day and FRQ
    Happy Law Day! It's the most wonderful day of the year! I missed class today because of it, but I've been keeping up with my studying. I did an FRQ on volume of a rotated curve to make sure I could remember how to do it, although I definitely remember perpendiscular and parashell!
  • Integration

    I was home sick today with some sort of bug (I'll spare you the details), but I'm sad I missed out on an inte-great day! I did an integration FRQ problem, a different one from yesterday, and I reviewed the review worksheet, so I think I'm in pretty good shape.
  • Take-Home Test Debrief.

    Take-Home Test Debrief.
    Oy. I definitely could have done better on this test. Hopefully it's just a diagnostic thing and not for a grade. As a diagnostic test, it certainly did its job. I have been able to isolate a number of areas I need to improve in, the most notable being SERIES. Somehow everything about series and convergence and divergence has not been stored anywhere in my brain. I really need to review those.
  • More THT Debrief

    More THT Debrief
    We have officially begun AP Time. Everyone is stressed beyond belief. This is a terrifying yet exhilerating time of the year. I can't believe the Big Game is in just two days. I'm a little nervous, but I think I'll be okay. Today we did more problems from the take-home exam on the board and walked through them. I could do most of them, but I still have a problem with those pesky series.
  • Tomorrow.

    Tomorrow. The Big Game is tomorrow. I feel semi-confident. I think that I know a lot of the information on the test, but I'm afraid I will make a stupid mistake or mess up on something easy. There are definitely some areas I need to improve in before tomorrow, so I'll be spending a large portion of this evening at the library. I need to review how to find areas under polar curves and all the polar formulas, how to write Taylor series, LaGrange, and I need to memorize those pesky power series.

    I did it! I finally took this test that I've been preparing for since August. I think I did well. I wish I'd studied polar curves a little more, but I nailed the Taylor series questions because I studied those so hard. I'm proud of myself!