AP Calc BC Review

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  • Integration Review

    Integration Review
    Need to review more fully: integration by parts, inverse trig derivatives, and mean value theorem
    Already mastered: riemann sums and basic free response q's (find velocity/position when given acceleration, when is speed incr/decr, etc)
  • Differential Equation Review

    Differential Equation Review
    Good to remember: y=vx and dy=vdx + xdv
    Population growth model: P=pe^kt, solve to get P=M/(1+Ae^(-kt))
  • Practice Multiple Choice 1

    Practice Multiple Choice 1
    Need more series/sequence review, look over direct and limit comparison tests
  • Practice Multiple Choice 2

    Practice Multiple Choice 2
    Remembered Euler's method!
    Note: because Euler's method is basically a tangent line approximation, it is an overestimate for a concave down curve and an underestimate for a concave up curve.
  • Series and Sequence Review

    Series and Sequence Review
    Things to remember: remainder of alternating series= first neglected term, for ratio and root test: lim>1 or lim=infinity means the series is divergent and lim=1 is inconclusive (ratio test usually helpful but always inconclusive for p series)
  • Practice Test Debrief

    Practice Test Debrief
    Notes from debriefing:
    Make answers to 3 decimal points
    Revisit inverse trig derivatives
    Revisit methods to solving DEs
  • Integration Techniques

    Integration Techniques
    Integration by parts is pretty important. u=easier to differentiate, dv=easier to integrate. Remember LIPET.
    It's also sometimes helpful to add and subtract something to the numerator to simplify it.
  • Infinite Series review

    Infinite Series review
    When finding radius of convergence, use ratio test and check endpoints!
    Also, as seen in free response practice, taylor series for cosx or sinx shifts when centeres around pi/2 (so series of cosx around pi/2= series of sinx around 0)
  • Volume Review

    Volume Review
    Disc method= mastered
    shell method: 2*pi Integral of f(x)*x dx, representative rectangles parallel to axis that's rotated around
  • The Big Game

    The Big Game
    Not bad. Multiple choice was overall pretty easy. Free response wasn't so simple, #6 didn't go so well. But I'm still feelin a five....