Antarctic exploration

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  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook
    At this date Captain James Cook sailed around the Arctic circle
  • sighting the last continent

    sighting the last continent
    After the first sighting of the last continent in 1820, Antarctic exploration steadily began in earnest as the 19th Century progressed, reflecting in some ways the greater colonial spread, but also differing from the general trend, as its remote location.
  • James Weddell

    James Weddell
    James Weddell sailed with another company aboard their boat Jane they reached to Ross ice shelf.
  • Robert Falcon Scott

    Robert Falcon Scott
    Robert joined his first seagoing ship at the age of thirteen.
  • Hugh Evans

    Hugh Evans
    Hugh Evans and three other people sledged onto Ross Ice Shelf.
  • Shackleton

    When he returned from the two-month trip in early 1901. He received word that he had been appointed to junior officer on the Discovery. The Antarctic expedition ship was to be led by Robert Falcon Scott.
  • Robert Falcon

    Robert Falcon
    Robert and two other people sledged to Ross Ice Shelf.
  • Ernest Shackleton

    Ernest Shackleton
    Ernest and the other men sledged to 88.38.
  • Roald Amundson

    Roald Amundson
    Roald and three other dog-sledged to 90 degrees selcius.
  • Robert scott

    Robert scott
    Robert and four others sledged to 90 degrees selsius.

    Organization of the naval aviation section of the MacMillan arctic expedition was completed on this very day.
  • Spitsbergen

    the first use of balloons In Arctic exploration.
  • Richard Byrd

    Richard Byrd
    Richard flew with an aircraft crew, claimed to have flown over the south pole.
  • Richard Bryd

    Richard Bryd
    Richard with his crew aboard two aircraft, flew over the south pole from Ross Ice Shelf.
  • Conrad Shinn

    Conrad Shinn
    Conrad with crew went aboard and aircraft, landed at the south pole.
  • Death of Robert Falcon Scott

    Death of Robert Falcon Scott
    Robert froze to death on this sad day.
  • first women to Antarctica

    first women to Antarctica
    Ann bancroft was the first women to sail and ski to Antarctica.
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    Antarctic explorations