By adafadd
  • John Davis

    John Davis became arguably the first person to land on the continent.
  • Sir James Clark Rose

    Sir James Clark Rose searched for the magnetic South Pole.
  • Carsten Borchgrevink

    Carsten Borchgrevink found lichen, the first sign of plant life.
  • Adrein de Gerlache

    Adrein de Gerlache and his crew became the first to survive an antarctic winter.
  • Period: to


    Shackleton almost reached the South Pole on a journey of his own.
  • Race

    Race to the South Pole! The first succsessful trip was led by Amundsen.
  • Scott

    A British trip to the South Pole was led by Robert Falcon Scott. He got there second.
  • Scott

    Scott died on his way back to the ship
  • Shakleton

    Shakleton's crew reaches the Weddell sea.
  • The Endurance

    The Endurance is frozen in the ice on the edge of Weddell Sea.