Anne Frank

  • Margot

  • Anne

  • Hitler

    Hilter won the election.
  • invation

    German army invaded the Netherlands.
  • Hiding

    They went into hiding at the Annex.
  • Troups

    Allied Troups had landed in Normandy in France.
  • The Attack

    Everyone that had lived in the Annex was forced out by the German Police and taken to a train station.
  • The names

    The thousands of names were read out of the people that would leave to go to concentration camps.
  • Fritz Pfeffer

    Fritz Pfeffer died because of an illness.
  • Death

    Edith Frank died of exhaustion.
  • Edith Frank

    Edith Frank died from exhaustion.
  • Prisoners

    Prisoners in Auschwitz were liberated. Otto Frank was one of them.
  • Auguste

    Auguste van Pels was tranferred to Bushenwald camp in Germany.
  • Death

    Margot Died after being very ill and fell off her bed onto stone floor.
  • Death

    Anne Frank Died, a day after her sister.
  • Death

    Otto Frank Died of hunger and exhaustion.
  • Diary of Anne Frank

    The Diary of Anne Frank had its own play on broadway.
  • Annex

    The Annex bacame a museum to the public.