Anne Bradstreet

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In History
  • Born

    Anne Bradstreet is born in Northampton, England.
  • Period: to

    Anne Bradstreet

  • Married

    She married Simon Bradstreet. (exact date uncertain)
  • Moves

    Moves to Salem, Massachucets. (exact date uncertain)
  • Upon a fit of sickness

    Writes one of her famous works, "Upon A Fit Of Sickness" (exact date unknown)
  • First son

    Her first son, Samuel Bradstreet, is born. (exact date unknown)
  • Moves AGAIN

    Moves to Andover, MA. (exact date unknown)
  • Tenth Muse

    Publishes “The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up in America” (exact date unknown)
  • Last child Born

    Gives birth to last son, John Bradstreet. (exact date unknown)
  • Dedication

    Dedicates "Religious Experiences and Occasional Pieces" and "Meditations Divine and Morall (sic)" to Simon (son). (exact date unknown)
  • Fire

    A fire destroys her house. (exact date unknown)
  • Grandson dies

    her grandson, simon Bradstreet, dies. (exact date unknown)
  • Dies

    Anne Bradstreet dies. :(