Annaccone Internship Timeline

  • Initial Meeting

    Meet with Dr. Franco and Mrs. Hlipala to discuss specifics of internship and gather interests of the practice
  • Period: to


  • Meet with hospital staff

    Create strengths/weaknesses of current assessments tools
  • Bi-weekly update meeting

    Meet with supervisors to discuss progress
  • Complete Lit Review

    Complete literature review of current strategies in outcomes assessments and patient-satisfaction
  • Bi-weekly Meeting

  • Bi-weekly meeting

  • First draft

    Complete first draft of assessment tools
  • Bi-weekly meeting

  • Bi-weekly meeting

  • Final Assessment Tool

    Finalize tool and provide a copy to supervisors for final feedback
  • Meet with staff

    Meet with staff to review/educate on implementation of assessment tool
  • Bi-weekly meeting

  • Implement Assessment Tool

    Begin implemetation of assessment tool
  • Final Bi-weekly meeting

  • Recommendations

    Gather feedback from supervisors and staff and make improvements/goals for future use