Anh do

Anh Do Timeline

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    This was a troubling time for the people of vietname. The meaning of this relating to Anh Do is simple. The Vietnam War caused Anh Do and him family to leave
  • Birth

    Anh Do's Life full of meaning started on this day
  • Comes to Australia

    Anh Do and his family make their way to Australia on an illegal fishing boat, the boat was 9.5m long to 2m wide. The boats inhabitants were attacked by pirates on 2 occasions.
  • Acted in 'SeaChange'

    Acted in sechange as Quan Tho
  • Acted in 'Don't Blame Me'

    Acted as Vinnie
  • Little Fish

    Acted as 'Tran'
  • Blue Water High

    Acted as Robbo
  • Period: to


    Acted as 'Chong Fat'
  • Solo

    Acted as Nguyen
  • Footy Legends

    Acted as 'Luc Vu'
  • Kick

    Acted as 'Hoa Tran'
  • Crooked Business

    Benny Wing
  • Double the Fist

    Acted as 'Krakbot'
  • Releases Book - The Happiest Refugee

  • Won Numerous Awards

    Including: 2011 Independent Booksellers Book of the Year[8]
    2011 Joint winner (with musician Paul Kelly) of the Biography of the Year[9]
    2011 Best Newcomer
    2011 Book of the Year
  • All Saints

    Acted as Tim Salter
  • The Finished People

    Acted as 'Factory Worker'