Angelo's Cold War Timeline

  • Canada joins the United Nations

    Canada was one of the founding countries of the UN.
  • Gouzenko Affair

    Igor Gouzenko was a Soviet spy in Canada. He liked Canada so he stole 109 documents from the Soviets, and gave it to Canada, becoming a "double agent."
  • "Iron Curtain Speech"

    After receiving a degree from Westminster College, Winston Churchill delivers this speech. Here he calls the division between the areas of the Western powers and Soviet Union as the "Iron Curtain."
  • The Berlin Airlift

    The Berlin Airlift was the Western powers' response to the Soviet Union's Berlin Blockade. It carried supplies to West Berlin.
  • Canada joins National Atlantic Treaty Organization

    Canada is one of the founding countries of NATO. Countries involved in NATO agree to mutual defense if any countries are attacked by an external party.
  • Canada enters the Korean War

    As a party of the UN, the Canadians became involved with the Korean War. They provided many troops and machines to the war.
  • Suez Crisis

    The Suez Crisis was a war fought by France, Britain and Israel against Egypt.
  • Canada joins North American Aerospace Defense Command

    NORAD is an organization of the United States and Canada that provides both countries aerospace warning, air sovereignty and defense.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Cyprus

    As a party of the UN, Canada is called to take part in Operation Snowgoose, a peacekeeping mission in Cyprus.
  • Canada recognizes Communist China

    Canada recognizes China as a Communist country.
  • Canada enters the Gulf War

    Canada enters the gulf war as part of a coalition created by the United States while under the rule of President George W. Bush.
  • Cold War ends

    The Cold War ends.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Bosnia

    As a party of the UN, Canadian peacekeepers are sent to Bosnia.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Somalia

    As a party of the UN, Canadian peacekeepers are sent to Somalia. The "Somalia Affair" military scandal takes place here. This scandal peaked with the beating and eventual murder of a teenager by two Canadian soldiers.
  • Canadian peacekeepers in Rwanda

    As a party of the UN, Canadian peacekeepers are sent to Rwanda.
  • Canada with NATO enters Afghanistan War

    Canada with NATO enters the Afghanistan War.