Andrew Jackson (period #3, Group #10)

By mocool
  • Jackson's Birth

    Jackson's Birth
    He is a Scotish-Irish man. He moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania then went down to South Caralina. His dad died February 1767 at the age of 29 3 weeks before Jackson was born.
  • Jackson enlists in the Revolutionary Army

    Jackson enlists in the Revolutionary Army
    Jackson gets in the army when he is 13 and his brother dies is one of the battles but before that they are both captured by the British.
  • Battle of Horseshoe Bend

    Battle of Horseshoe Bend
    This was one of the Battles of the War of 1812. On march 27, 1814 Jackson led United State Forces and Indian allies to fight the Red Sticks which ended the Creek Battles.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    Battle of New Orleans
    The British are trying to get the port of New Orleans even though the war is already over but they did not know this because the messageing system was slow back then. Andrew Jackson was the only person that could stop them. On January 8th, 1815 at 6:00 am the battle started and Jackson in the end wan.
  • Election of 1824

    Election of 1824
    This election happened at the time of the era of good feelings. There are 5 candidates and there name was John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, William H. Crawford, and John C. Calthoun. Jackson won the Popularte votes but Adams won the election and Jackson became the Vice president.
  • Election of 1828

    Election of 1828
    In this election its mostly Jackson vs. Adams. In this one Adams loses by a landslide. Jackson wins mostly evey state. Its was the best win for him in a while.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    The Indian Removal Act was signed by Jackson to move all the Indians to Oklahoma and out of the states.
  • Bank War

    Bank War
    it was a war not in the sence of WAR but it was like boycoting. No one was going to there. Jackson at the end closed it cause of the dept it was creating.
  • Worcester v. Georgia

    Worcester v. Georgia
    It was a trial aganist Georgia because of there cruel ways to the Native Americans. Georgia Made a law saying that they could take away any land of the Indians they wanted to take away. Worcester though this was wrong and unconsitutional. So from that they went to the court to finish this argument.
  • Nullifcation Crisis

    Nullifcation Crisis
    The nullifaction Crisis began when Jackson incressed the traiff. South Caralina did not like it at all. They said that they are going to leave the U.S if the traiff did not go away. Jackson got really mad and did not know what to do. He asked Henry Clay, The Great Compramiser. He made a deal to lower the Traiff but gave more power to the president. Jackson said that next time a state trys to leave the nation he will use force.