Andrew Jackson period 2, group 3

  • Jackson's birth

    Andrew Jackson was born in a log cabin, and thus starting his amazing career for the common man.
  • Jackson enlists in the U.S army

    Jackson enlisted at the age of 12, and later became a general.
  • Battle of Horseshoe bend

    This is considered a battle of the war of 1812. Tecumseh led the cherokee, and jackson led the americans.
  • Battle of new orleans

    This was the final battle of the war of 1812. This attack was led by andrew jackson.
  • election of 1824

    John Quincy Adams cheated jackson in this race.
  • Election of 1828

    Jackson faced John quincy adams once again in the elctions. By popular vote, jackson won.
  • Indian removal act

    Jackson passed an act to remove all the native americans from geargia. They had to leave through the trail of tears.
  • Worcester v.s Ga

    This states that non-indians can not be present in indian territory.
  • Nullification crisis

    This crisis was when south carolina threatened to secede if the tariffs on imported goods wasn't abolished.
  • Bank war

    Jackson thought the bank had too much power, and opposed it.