Andrew jackson..

Andrew Jackson by: Maria Jackson

  • Andrews Wife

    Andrews Wife
    When Andrew's wife had a heart attact reading the news paper because it said she cheated. Andrew blamed it on the press. In court he ordard a duel but it didn't follow through. He did all of that for his dead wife.
  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    On March 15,1767 Andrew Jackson was born. Andrew was born very poor. He was born in the waxhaws area near the boarder between north and south Carolina.
  • Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War
    7,200 Americans died in battle. A quarter of slaves escaped from being bombed. Another 10,000 died from disease.This lasted 8 years.
  • Sad Death

    By the end of the Revolutionary War Andrew was on his own. His mother and Father had passed away during the war while him and his brother were away. Also his brother had died when they got home from the war, he died of exhaustion.
  • Battle Of The Horseshoe Bend

    Battle Of The Horseshoe Bend
    This war happend in Attalla. This war killed more then 300 settlers and militia men. A snall outpost north of Moble was Over run.
  • New Orleans

    When New Orleans war Andrew had planned to get the British back for all they have done. He planned for his forces to meet and attack.Also he finnaly payed his depth off.
  • The New Orleans War

    The New Orleans War
    The New Orleans war was led by Sir Edward Pakenham. When Andrew found out he went to New Orleans. Over 10,000 troops were agenst New Orleans
  • Removel Plan

    The presidant had asked Andrew to help him plan to remove the indians. Andrew had to make all of the plans. The president had asked him to help, because he was a Trustworthy man
  • President

    Andrew jackson was elected president by popular vote. He became president in 1824.
  • The V.P.

    The v.p Andrew had gone agenst in court was the leader of the growing movment. After they broke out into war.
  • Depression

    During the depression time Andrew helped his town. he built a new hermitage because alot of building got recked. Andrew also gave people money to pay for their houses.
  • Ending Life

    Andrew Jackson passed away on June 8th,1845. His health was not good. It deteriorated badly and Andrew died. He died in Hermitage, Nashville Tennessee.