An Amazin' Minefield: 3+ Years of Off the Field Antics in Queens

  • Torrealba files grievance

    Torrealba files grievance
    Torrealba's Grievance: Veteran catcher Yorvit Torrealba filed a grievance against the Mets based on what he deemed shady dealings after a preliminary contract had been agreed upon. Mets GM Omar Minaya backed out of the deal based on results of a physical though the timing of that decision was in question. It should be noted that Torrealba lost the grievance.
  • The midnight firing of Willie Randolph

    The midnight firing of Willie Randolph
    Midnight Massacre: Randolph was shocked at the timing of the dismissal, past midnight in the midst of a West Coast trip, stating, "[Before I left] I said: 'Omar, do this now. If you're going to do this, do this now...if I'm not the guy to lead this team, then don't let me get on this plane'."
  • Reyes Injury Diagnosis Debate

    Reyes Injury Diagnosis Debate
    Dodgers, Mets Clash: After suffering a leg injury during a west coast trip, Jose Reyes is diagnosed by Dodgers team doctors with a calf strain. After he re-injured the leg, Mets doctors would later diagnose a torn hamstring tendon, which would end Reyes' season. Mets COO Jeff Wilpon later blamed LA team doctors for providing misinformation.
  • Church plays despite concussion

    Church plays despite concussion
    Church's Concussion Woes: After suffering his second concussion of the '09 season, Mets officials allowed Church to board two long flights and actually pinch hit him on four different occasions despite recurring symptoms. Mets GM Omar Minaya left the decision in Church's hands Church: "When it came down to it, they asked me. I was the final say and I told them, basically, I couldn't go out on the field and play, but I could pinch-hit."
  • VP Bernazard unleashes tirade at Citi

    VP Bernazard unleashes tirade at Citi
    Nobody Puts Tony in the Corner!: Mets former VP Tony Bernazard 'showed up to Citi Field during a game and wanted a seat occupied by a young Diamondbacks scout. Bernazard’s deputy suggested that he wait until the half-inning ended, to minimize the disruption. Bernazard then ripped into his Ivy League-educated deputy with a profanity-laced tirade, mortifying observers.
  • Bernazard challenges minor leaguers to fight

    Bernazard's Brawl: After a particularly tough losing skid, Mets VP of Player Development Tony Bernazard entered the clubhouse of the Double-A Binghamton Mets in a fury, ripping off his shirt and berating the club, eventually challenging the players to fight.
  • Bernazard and K-Rod square off

    Bernazard and K-Rod square off
    Bernazard's Wrath Continues: In the midst of a month-long storm of erratic behavior, hot-headed Mets VP Tony Bernazard got into a screaming match with closer Francisco Rodriguez. Conflicting reports emerged about whether the incident got physical. An anonymous Mets player stated, "That guy [Bernazard] is crazy. No one like[s] him."
  • Mets hold Sheffield 'hostage'

    Mets hold Sheffield 'hostage'
    Hostage Situation: Unhappy after being pulled back from waivers in mid-August, Gary Sheffield states that he 'essentially is being held hostage' by the club. A resulting series of contradicting quotes from manager Jerry Manuel caused many to believe Sheffield was on the verge of release but he spent the rest of the season largely on the Mets bench.
  • Lobby-Gate

    Lobby-Gate: During a press conference announcing the firing of embattled VP Tony Bernazard, GM Omar Minaya openly questions the motives of then Daily News beat writer Adam Rubin in what can only be characterized as a bizarre and utterly embarassing series of events.
  • Beltran's secret surgery

    Beltran's secret surgery
    Beltran's Surgery: Mets President Jeff Wilpon and GM Omar Minaya criticize center fielder Carlos Beltran for undergoing major knee surgery without team permission. Beltran responded, "Any accusations that I ignored or defied the team's wishes are simply false...No one from the team raised any issue until after I was already in surgery."
  • John Maine, habitual liar

    John Maine, habitual liar
    Liar, Liar: After pulling Maine from his start following just five pitches, Mets Pitching Coach Dan Warthen informs the media that the struggling righty 'is a habitual liar, in a lot of ways, as far as his own health'. Warthen didn't mean anything by it but these are comments best reserved for the player himself.
  • K-Rod assaults father-in-law

    K-Rod assaults father-in-law
    K-Rod Blows Up: Following a blown save, Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez attacked his girlfriend's father during a heated exchange in the Mets clubhouse, with other players' families present. K-Rod would leave the scene in handcuffs.
  • Alomar suspended for fight

    Alomar suspended for fight
    Alomar's Outburst: Baseball lifer and then GCL Mets Manager Sandy Alomar Sr. and Pitching Coach Hector Berrios were suspended for having 'an argument on the field' during a game. However, there were whispers around the organization that the incident was less an argument and more a full on fight. Then Minor League Field Coordinator Terry Collins would fill in for Alomar for the rest of the season.
  • The Walter Reed Fiasco

    The Walter Reed Fiasco
    Overblown?: After missing a voluntary trip to the Walter Reed Medical Center in DC to visit wounded soldiers, Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez faced the wrath of the NY media. Each provided fair reasons for their absence yet the story spiraled out of control. Despite reports that Mets COO Jeff Wilpon was none too thrilled, this was more of an indictment of irresponsible Mets beat writers.
  • Clubhouse Manager Samuels suspended

    Clubhouse Manager Samuels suspended
    Samuels' Gamble: The Mets announced that Clubhouse Manager Charlie Samuels, who had held that role for 27 years, had been suspended without pay. NYPD officials reported that Samuels was linked in a widespread gambling ring being investigated by Queens DA Richrd Brown. Samuels would be dismissed weeks later.
  • Mets sued in aftermath of Madoff

    Mets sued in aftermath of Madoff
    Mets sued: Trustee to Madoff losers Irving Picard files suit against Fred Wilpon and his interests, reportedly seeking as much as $1B in compensatory claims.
  • Wilpons open to minority owners

    Wilpons open to minority owners
    Help Wanted: Sterling Equities announces the beginning stages of a search for 'one or more strategic partners' to address the 'air of uncertainty' created by the Madoff bankruptcy lawsuit.
  • SNY punks...themselves

    SNY punks...themselves
    Et tu, Stewie? Following the Mets Opening Day loss to the Marlins an anonymous SNY staffer decided to run audio from a 'Family Guy' joke with the Mets as the butt.