Amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse

By alfu
  • Birth

    Amy Winehouse was born in London, on 14th of September 1983.
  • parents divorced

    parents divorced
    When she has 9 years, her parents were divorced.
  • First instrument

    First instrument
    When she has 13 years, she has the first guitar, and one year after has the first guitar she began compose
  • Firsth band

    Firsth band
    When she has 16 years she starts a professional career, with a little band of jazz.
  • Firsth album

    Firsth album
    The first album success was Frank, this album was adversities in 20 of October of 2003
  • Second album

    Second album The second album was Back To Black, this album was adversities 30 of October of 2006, this album was the international success
  • I Told You I Was Trouble: Live in London

    I Told You I Was Trouble: Live in London
    This album was advertise in 5 of November 2007, and length 150 minuts.
  • Died of amy

    Died of amy
    In 23 of July of 2011, in London Amy Winehouse died when she has 27 years.
  • Lioness: Hidden Treasures

    Lioness: Hidden Treasures
    This album was adversite in 2 of December of 2011, and is another album whith success.
  • Amy Winehouse at the BBC

    Amy Winehouse at the BBC
    This album was make in 12 of November of 2012.