amy lowell

  • when she was born

    when she was born
    Amy Lowell was born on feb 9 1874 in brookline
  • started poetry

    started poetry
    when she was six years old her family dicovered her poetic talent when her family heard her poems they thought they were amazing
  • school

    in 1897-1898 amy lowell went to school in egypt for 1 year most of her life she went to privite schools when she was 18 years old she went to college then she droped out of college she went to college in massachucets
  • first published poem

    first published poem
    in 1910 Amy lowell had her first poem published
  • first published poems

    when amy published these poems they became a big sucess people loved her writing. Amy was just at the begining of her career and she has started to be a well known poet
  • famous poems

    some of amys most famous poems are autumn,petals,fairy tale,sea shell,and summer all these poems are love poems fairy tales and happy poems
  • amy lowells death

    amy lowells death
    on may 12 1925 amy lowell died of a recurrent internal attack at her house at 5:30 when she was 51 years old
  • married

    sadly amy never did get married and never had a family