americas beginnig

  • french indian war

    War between French and great Britain for north America.
    Brittan’s purpose was to claim land west of the Appalachians.
    This made the colonists happy that they could move west
  • treaty of paris

    treaty that ended the war between the french and great britain
  • proclomation

    told colonists they couldn’t cross the Appalachians because Britain couldn’t protect them
  • sugar act

    Brittan put taxes on anything containing sugar or molasses
  • stamp act

    put taxes on legal documents, mail, and paper.
  • writs of assistance

    soldiers could search houses without permission or a warrant
  • townshed acts

    put taxes on house hold items.
  • quartering act

    colonists had to house soldiers and give them supplies.
  • boston massacre

    a crowd protested and were shot at by british soldiers.

    sons of liberty dresssed as indians and pourd all the tea into the water.
  • intolerable acts

    told colonists they couldnt hold meeting and closed the harbor they also sent more troops to enforce these new laws
  • liberty speech

    patrick henry tried to get more americans onboard with the idea of seperating from britain
  • battle of lexington

    first shots fired of the revolution
  • battle of lexington and concord

    discribed as "the shot heard around the world" because it was the first shot of the revolution
  • bunker hill

    battle between colonists and britain.
  • bunker hill

    britain sent troops to take over the fort on top of bunker hill and destroy all of the colonists supllies
  • ft. ticonderoga

    rebels attacked because the fort occupied a strategic point between lakes Champlain and George
    The fort held a supply of cannon and other artillery, items badly needed by the rebel forces
    The fort was lightly defended
  • "common sence" published

    thomas paine published common sense to get the colonists to rebel against britain
  • decleration of independence

    declared thet the colonists were nol onger apart of britain and were there own country
  • Battle of New York

    britain attacked new york to cripple our economy
    britain won
    occupied new york the rest of the war