• Americanism

    What is it?
    Definition: Americanism is a term to characterize the influence of the United States in other cultures around the world. (google definition)
    My understanding and definition: Americanism is the influence of its culture upon another for the benefit of both nations economy.
  • Jean-Charles Harvey

    Jean-Charles Harvey
    Jean Harvey was a journalist and novelist. In one of his books "Fear's Folly" he suggested and talked about freedom of thought, criticize the conformity and traditionalism of French Canadian society. In the end the bishop of Quebec banned it because people were extremely shocked by his words.
  • Manifesto Refus global

    Manifesto Refus global
    1948 Manifesto Refus global. The artists published a document manifesto “Refus global.” This manifesto denounced the Catholic Church and its traditional values, which the group of artistes held the Church responsible for lack of the advancement of the province. This began to frighten and get the authorities and the Church thinking if they could really be a threat to them.
  • Quebec became Americanized

    1950 Quebec became Americanized. Meaning, they gave economic prosperity and therefore had concrete effects on community. Raise in salaries, better working and living conditions, free time increased.
  • Massey commission

    Massey commission
    1951-the Massey commission suggested to the governments to take more time to invest and keep the local traditions and culture then to have so much American influence. It was done to preserve the Canadian culture ( this was done about 1 year after Quebec became Americanised and this was their reaction.)
  • Broadcasting

    In 1961 and 1969 television broadcasting, film, and radio stations began coming to life, since the Massey commision caused Quebec to want more to do with preserving the advacing in the province. With television and live radio stations they could hear their presidents speak and this became a new and advance tool for them.