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American Revolution- V.Caminiti per 6

  • Boston Massacare

    Boston Massacare
    Colonists were nagging British troops, finally when one man threw a bottle at a redcoat they began to fire. They killed 5 innocent people. Samuel Adams called it a massacare because he wanted to make it seem like the redcoats were truly evil people.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
    The Sons of Liberty called a meeting on how to rebel against the redcoats. They made a plan to get onto on of the british boats,they dumped out all of the tea in the ocean. Samuel Adams was the leader of this act.
  • The Outbreak

    The Outbreak
    The British troops were coming to search for weapons in Concord by secretly crossing the river of Charles town. Luckily for the americans new that the redcoats were coming they sent out warnings to the whole town to be prepared...and this was just the start of the Revolutionary War.
  • Rebels And Redcoats

    Rebels And Redcoats
    As the rebels marched toward concoard they confronted the redcoats. They did not like how they were being treated and things needed to change. Moments later someone fired a shot, no one knows who fired the first shot but they are responsible for the death of eight men and the start of a lot of fighting.
  • Second Constitution

    Second Constitution
    The second constitution was to serve as an emergency government throughout the war. It was formed by the thirteen colonies. It was a saftey net of something got out of hand that is when the constitution stepped in.
  • Battle at Bunkerhill

    Battle at Bunkerhill
    The Battle at Bunkerhill was one of the bloodiest battles ever. American militamen constructed a fort at night on the top of a hill in Charlestown overlooking the British hharbor, soon enough the british were on their way. They set Charlestown on fire, before the american even had a chance the british were firing at them,sadly the americans lost the battle
  • Day of Independence

    Day of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson and 55 other members of a special congressional comittee decided to write the declaration of independence. It said that all people should be treated equally, and how the British had taken all their rights and freedom from them. On July fourt all 56 men signed the paper and sent it to the british...this is the day America would be free
  • The Battle of Trenton

    The Battle of Trenton
    Americans crossed the Deleaware River and then attacked the Hessians. The Americans went into colonists homes and shot at them from inside. The Hessians surrendered and the Americans won the battle
  • The Battle if Princeton

    The Battle if Princeton
    The Americans decided to return to trenton,but the british were coming to stop them half way. They tried to force the Americans back so they could claim more land for themselves. The americans did not give in they were smarter and thet won the battle.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    The Americans and french forced the British to Surrender in York town. The British signed the treaty of peace because they were lossing a lot of money from all the losses. The american knew that they were finally independent form theBritish.