American revolution turning point

  • French and Indian war

    The French and Indian War was fought between the British and the French, along with their Native American allies. They were fighting over the valuable resources west of the Appalachian Mountains. The British won. It is after the the French and Indian War that things change between the British and the colonies. Britain has a large debt from the war and now responsible for keeping the peace between Native Americans and the colonists.
  • The Proclamation of 1763

    After the French and Indian war, Britain did not allow the colonists to go past west of the Appalachian mountain to try and keep peace between the native Americans and the colonists. But, the colonists ignored Britain, and went on native American territory. leading the colonists that moved there, to be attacked by Indians. So Britain sent in troops to protect the colonists from further being attacked by the indians.
  • The Sugar act

    A tax on sugar and molasses to raise revenue from the American colonies
  • The Stamp act

    A tax on printed documents such as; marriage certificates, newspapers, and all legal documents
  • The Boston Massacre

    the British soldiers were being harassed, shot, and killed 5 colonists
  • The Tea act

    A law giving the east India tea company the exclusive right to sell tea in the colonies
  • The Boston tea party

    To protest the tea act the sons of liberty boarded three ships in Boston harbor and threw the tea into the water
  • The intolerable acts

    a series of laws designed to force Boston to pay for the tea destroyed at the Boston tea party
  • Lexington and Concord

    The first battles of the American revolution
  • The olive branch petition

    Petition to king George ||| asking him to recognize colonial rights and repeal the Intolerable acts