american revolution timeline

  • bostan tea party

    bostan tea party
    they revolted against the british by throwin tea of a ship
  • Period: to

    Revolutionary war

  • the british are coming

    the british are coming
    paul revere and willam dawes ride to tell the americans hthe british are coming
  • lexington and concord

    lexington and concord
    the first batte was fought in lexington and concord
  • battle of bunkehill

    battle of bunkehill
    it was fought on breeds hill and british won, but had mass casualties
  • george washington

    george washington
    george washing named comander of the army
  • delaration of independence

    delaration of independence
    They responded with a declared independence forming a new sovereign nation external to the British Empire, the United States of America, on July 4, 1776.
  • battle of brooklyn

    battle of brooklyn
    british won the battle of long island (battle of brooklyn)
  • crossing the delaware

    crossing the delaware
    washington crosses the delaware and captures trenton were their was hessions (couldnt find acurate picture)
  • the flag

    the flag
    the flag was liklely designed by hopkinson and posibly sewn by betsy ross
  • bennnington

    the american militia beat the hessians
  • hessians attack

    hassians attack mercur =(
  • vally forge

    a horrible winter at vally forge
  • The French

    the french become are allies couse they dont like the british
  • barren hill

    battle of barren hill was one of the many battles
  • kettle creek

    kettle creek
    the millitia beats the loyalists at kettle creek
  • savannah

    america trys to capture savannah but they fail
  • morristown

    coldest winter of the war with washington
  • waxhaw creek

    the mericans get crushed by by british at waxahaw creek
  • bigfoot

    bigfoot is found in the war :o
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    british sign articles of peace
  • lord north

    lord north resigned as british prime minister
  • treaty of paris