American revolution

American Revolution: Phase 1

  • Siege of Boston

    The Siege Of Boston was the opening phase of the American Revolution, in which the Patriots surrounded the town of Boston, to prevent movement by the British Army who were traped within. The Americans won this battle and took over the colony of Boston
  • The Battle of Lexington

    The Battle of Lexington
    This battle took place in Lexington. The battle of Lexington was fought because the British wanted to remove all weapons and ammunition from Lexington. The British won this battle and succeded in taking the ammunition and firearms.
  • Battle of Concord

    Battle of Concord
    The battle of Concord was fought in Concord. The battle was fought because the british were on there way to Lexington to remove the firearms and ammunition and were ambushed. The americans won and this showed that the americans had potential to win the war.
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga
    This battle took place at Fort Ticonderoga. This battle was fought to capture the British Fort Ticonderoga. The colonists won this battle and it supplied the colonists with heavy artillery.
  • Bunker Hill

    Bunker Hill
    This battle occured in Bunker hill, England. This happened because the colonists built forts on bunker hill and Breeds Hill wich alarmed the British. In this battle, the British won but many British soldiers were killed.
  • The Battle of Quebec

    The Battle of Quebec
    The battle of Quebec was fought in Quebec, Canada. The battle was fought to encourage the French to fight on the American side. The Americans lost and the French failed to join us in the war.