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  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    The night before the war, the chapel signaled the red-coats appearing. Paul Revere shouted the famous statement " The regulars aree coming!" The next morning, everyone was up and ready to fight!
  • Period: to


  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    This battle was the second, and bloodiest, of the Revelutionary War.
    The American militianmen made a dirt fort on top the hill in Charles Town looking over Boston Harbor.
    Swarms of red-coats attacked, but we fought until we ran out of all of our gunpowder.
    The British won this terrible battle, but the Americans made them suffer twice as much.
  • Washington in Boston

    Washington in Boston
    A month after Bunker Hill, General Washington took control of the militias near the city of Boston.
    He planned to run the British out of the city if Britan refused the offer.
    After learning King George declaring war, Washington took action.
  • Part 2 : Washington and Boston

    Part 2 : Washington and Boston
    American troops invaded British Canada, and tried to capture Quebec.
    By March of 1776, cannons of the Americans were pointed a the British, 12, directly at them.
    The red-coats gave-up, dumping their cannons into the harbor, then sailed off, back to Canada.
  • The most famous document!!!

    The most famous document!!!
    Our Declaration of Independence was being made on this day.
    Thomas Jefferson wrote that "all men are born with certain god-givin rights" .
    The big problem : Slavery.
    George Washington and Ben Franklin opposed slavery, but had owned some themselves. They really had no chioce and were unable to add them.
  • War in New York,New Jersey& Pennsylvania part 1

    War in New York,New Jersey& Pennsylvania part 1
    As colonists learned of the Independece beong declared,a war broke out in New York!
    This spread to New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
    This began when the British hired German soldiers, called Hessians.
  • Part 2

    Part 2
    George Washington was driven out across New Jersey, to Pennsylvania.
    But on Christmas, Washington took a grand stand. crossing the Delaware River,they snuck back into New Jersey.
  • part 3 (christmas - the Battle of Brandywine Creek)

    Washington and his men were able to attack the British and their allies with a surprise assault!
    They won an important battle that night, and later won two others : Trenton and Princeton.
    The next summer, a large enemy naval force took New York and invaded Canada,too!
    At the same time, another forceattacked in the other direction and and (sadly) defeated Washington's army in Pennsylvania in the Battle of Brandywine Creek.
  • Southern States Campaign

    Southern States Campaign
    The summer following Valley Forge, the British took major military campaigns in the southern states where many loyalists were located. The british abandoned Philidelphia,and warfare ended in the north.
    In late December of 1778, the king's forces took control of Savannah, Gerogia , then, the whole state!
  • Yorktown, Virginia

    Yorktown, Virginia
    By October, a massive force of British soldiers (led by General Cornwallis) reached Virgina.
    Yorktown used to be an old tobacco port.
    They waited for more supplies and soldiers to arrive in ships from New York.