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American Revolution - k.DeAndrade Period 3

By KellenD
  • The Night Before the Revolutionary Break Out

    The Night Before the Revolutionary Break Out
    The patriots were all ready for the redcoats to come on the night before the Revolutionary War broke out. They had a plan that included the Boston church's two laterns. The laterns were signals to the patriots that the British troops, known as 'redcoats' were coming to search for weapons.Three riders and a silversmith named Paul Revere found out which way the redcoats were coming by and they warned the people that the regulars were here.
  • Second Congress Formed

    Second Congress Formed
    Representatives from each of the thirteen colonies formed the Second Continental Congress. They formed the congress to serve as an emergency government throughout the war.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    One of the Bloodiest battles. The British began shelling a crude dir fort at a hill in Charles Town, the same place where the Americans were, from ships. then Charles Twon was burned. The Americans thought it was the British but they were tricked, they didn't fire until they could see the British. At the end, the British won.
  • Washington in Command

    Washington in Command
    Washington took command of the militias around Boston. He planned to drive the redcoats from the city if Britian refused to accept American's offer. He was already ready for any war, once he heard about the King declaring war on all the colonies, Washington was ready for another war.
  • Period: to

    Cannons in Boston

    Washington made a plan in 1775, to have cannons brought from Fort Ticonderoga. But he realized that they only way this could be done was to carry it in sleds and since it was winter yet he had to wait. By March of 1776 the sleds were in Boston
  • Declaration is Here

    Declaration is Here
    The Declaration of Independence was presented to Congress. The people in the Congress knew they, were not only putting themselves in danger, but they also knew they were putting the people in danger. The Declaration was important and in a was danerous, but to the Congress is was worth it.
  • Crosing the Delaware

    Crosing the Delaware
    Washington and his men crossed the icy Delaware River, to surprise the hessians, or the German army that was helping the British on the war, with a little attack. They're plan was to cross the Delaware River and when the Hessians were celebrating Christmas, to attack them out of surprise. They also crossed the Delaware to win important battles at Trenton and at Princeton.
  • Capturing Georgia

    Capturing Georgia
    The King's force seized Savannah, Georgia. It all started in the late summer of 1778, when the Birtish under took a major military of campaign in the southern states. The southern states has a lot of people that were afainst independence, which made it easy for Britian to seize.
  • Britian Surrendered

    Britian Surrendered
    The British reached Yorktown, Virginia, where the last battle of the Revolutionary War was to be fought. The British set up encampents positioned with weapons and they built walls and trenches. While Washington's army marched south of Virginia and trapped the British. The British didn't know what to do, so they surrendered.
  • Revolutionary War ends

    Revolutionary War ends
    With the signing of the Treaty of Paris, the Revolutionary War ended. Great Britian formally recognized the independence of the United States of America. Sad for the British because they lost all their 13 colonies at the end.