American Revolution Cribb

  • French and Indian War

    A war between the British and French. Native Americans helped both sides. This War created dept, which caused the British government to not use salutary neglect and put taxes on things that the colonists used most.
  • Proclomation of !763

    A law that the British government put on the colonist stating that th ecolonists could not move west of the Appalachian mountains. the government wanted to keep good relations with the Ntaive Americans because they wanted to avoid another war. This made the colonists mad and they rarely followed it.
  • Stamp Act

    This act put on the colonists by the British government stated that all printed documents were taxed. This made the colonists angry because they used printed documents a lot. Revolts and Boycotts were put into play after this.
  • Sons amd Daughters of Libberty

    These people were the leaders of the boycotts and riots. The Sons use violence and rioting whereas the Duaghters used things like spinning bees to boycott british goods.
  • Stamp Act Congress

    This was the first time the colonists came together and united with a common enemy. Representatives from all 13 colonies met after the Stamp Act was passed and discussed their inapproval of this. Boycotts and protests were put in place following this meeting.
  • Tea Act

    This was not a tax. The Britsh East India Company was not doing good business because the colonists were boycotting British goods. Then the British government passed the Tea Act to reduce the price of tea and try and get the colonists to buy tea from the British East India Company.
  • Boston Tea Party

    This was when the Sons of Liberty organized a plan to overthrow tea from ships in the Boston harbor.
  • Intolerable Acts

    These acts were mainly put on the colonists in Massachussets as a punishment for the previous tea parties. It said things like thgere were taxes on tea and documents, also people were responsible for housing and taking care of the britsh soldiers.
  • Charles Town Tea Party

    This was when the Sons of liberty organized a plan to overthrow tea from ships in Charles Town.