A revolution

American Revolution

By Isaacr7
  • American Revolution

    American Revolution
    A war between Colonist and The British .
    It was around 1763 to 1782
    The defeat of the British in the battle of Yorktown.
    The British wanted the control and the riches of North America.
  • 1763

    The British won a war against France and they imposed the taxes.
    Stamp Act.
  • 1775

    Fighting at Lexington and Concord.
    The first battle of the revolution.
    The beginning of the wars and the independence.
    It was an American victory
  • 1775

    Battle of Bunker Hill.
    The British were the winner ,but the American fought a lot .
    In this war the British started to take the things seriously
  • 1776

    Declaration of Independence.
    Leaders of the Americans met in Philadelphia and Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  • 1776

    Battle of Trenton.
    It was a war when the American prove that they could win to the British. this war gave more confidence to the Americans
  • 1777

    Battle of Saratoga.
    Was decisive to the Americans to win.
    If they wouldn't win it maybe the British were in U.S.A yet.
  • 1781 "The Final"

    1781 "The Final"
    Battle of YorkTown.
    Was the definitely battle.
    The defeat of the British crown.
    Was a large time of fight.
    The colonies finally said LIBERTY