American Revolution Baxley

  • French and Indian War

    this was a war betweeen the French and the British. it lasted for seven years.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    this proclamation said that the colonists could not move west of the appalachian mountains.
  • stamp act

    this was a tax put on any printed material.
  • sons and daughters of liberty

    these people boycotted british goods. the sons were violent and the daughters had spinning bees.
  • stamp act congress

    all the representatives met to discuss how they were unhappy about all the taxes.
  • tea act

    this was where they reduced the price of tea and thery tried to get british colonists to stop boycotting the british goods.
  • boston tea party

    the sons of liberty organized too dump tonns of tea into the british harbor.
  • intolerable acts

    this was a result of the tea party. it was a punishment on the british colonists.
  • first continental congress

    the representatives met in philadelphia to talk about independence.
  • charles town tea party

    the tea was stored in the warehouses.