American Revolution Battles, Jacob Kenney 5b

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  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    two important British officers were Francis Smith and John Pitcairn
    Two important Patriot commanders were John Parker and James Barrett
    This was the first battle of the revolution and the British were sent to destroy a rebel armory in Concord
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    Fort Ticonderoga
    The Battle of Fort Ticonderoga was when a small force of Green Mountain Boys, few hundred milita men led by Ethan Allen and Colonel Benedict Arnold overcame a small British garrison at the fort and looted the personal belongings of the garrison.
    It was the first American victory of the war.
  • Bunker (Breed's) Hill

    Bunker (Breed's) Hill
    Despite their loss it was important becasue they inflicted significant casualties against the British and it gave them a nice confident boost. The patriots also wanted to take control of the forts weaponry.
    British Army:
    William Howe
    Sir Robert Pigot
    James Abercrombie
    Henry Clinton
    Royal Navy:
    Samuel Graves
    John Pitcairn
    Israel Putnam
    William Prescott
    Joseph Warren
    John Stark
  • Trenton/Princeton (NJ Camaign)

    Trenton/Princeton (NJ Camaign)
    The battle of Trenton was December 26th, 1776 and the Princeton battle was January 3, 1777
    Battle of Trenton- George Washington and Nathanael Greene British: Johann Rall
    Importance: Was to capture Trenton and to gain confidence as this was a pivotal win in the war
    Battle of Princeton: Partiots under command of Nathanael Greene and the British under control of Charles Mawhood
    Importance was a confidence boost
  • Saratoga

    September 19- October 7, 1777
    American under command of Horatio Gates Benedict Arnold Benjamin Lincoln Enoch Poor Ebenezer Learned and Daniel Morgan, the British were under command of John Burgoyne Simon Fraser F.A. Riedesel
    The importance was that it earned Americans foreign assistance and it was the turning point of the war.
  • Siege of Charleston

    Siege of Charleston
    Started on March 29th, 1780 and ended on May 12th, 1780
    The British were led by Sir Henry Clinton, Mariot Arbuthnot, and Charles Cornwallis
    The Patriots were led by Benjamin Lincoln (POW)
    Importance: The British were victorious and the they claimed most of the south
  • King's Mountain

    King's Mountain
    The British were led by Patrick Ferguson and Abraham DePeyster
    The Patriots were led by James Johnston William Campbell John Sevier Frederick Hambright Joseph McDowell Benjamin Cleveland James Williams Isaac Shelby Joseph Winston and William Chronicle
    It was important because it was a very decisive victory for the Patriots after their loss at the Siege of Charleston
  • Yorktown

    The battle went from September 28th, 1781 until October 19th, 1781
    The main leaders for the Patriots and French who were helping the Patriots: George Washington
    Marquis De Lafayette
    Comte de Rochambeau
    Comte de Grasse
    The main leaders for the British were:
    Charles Cornwallis Surrendered (POW)
    Charles O'Hara (POW)
    Thomas Symonds (POW)
    Importance: End of British land operations in North America
    Beginning of negotiations leading to the Treaty of Paris, and British recognition of Amer